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Enchanted Forest

Hello friends!

I have been on eternal vacation over here in Brazil so I'm very behind on posting my new creations! Guilty! But I have fresh pretty patterns to show you and I thought this was an awesome way to be back! 

The Enchanted Garden was hand painted so it has that special touch of love!



They are available in the Brazilian Flag colours - except for that pink, because you know I love pink. 







Really, I can't get enough of these colour combos! I need to spend some time working on my sewing patterns so we can see them in actual pieces! I know... I promise that this is happening soon! In the mean time I will love to see what you make with these guys! Please tag me on Instagram with the hashtag dreamingwithisa so I can see your stuff! 

They are also available with the original popping colors too. These super colourful flowers on a dark background are great for the winter long sleeve dresses. 





Now, this magical and whimsical pattern is the Amazonia Sky! I closed my eyes and imagined I was in a boat at the Amazonas River and this came up! You are right! I should probably have thought of insects and snakes too, but anyhow, I can't control my thoughts! Haha 



It comes in dark blue with lots of pretty stars! The Amazonia Sky Night...



The Amazonia Sky Terrain! :)

Now, how cute would those be in a kids kimono, pj's, dress, headband, t-shirt, full circle skirt, bikini...? Oh my God, I really need to make sewing patterns for all these! And the next and last pattern would also work for aaaall of that! The Mini Terrain Forest with tiny little flowers!



And the Mini Night Forest!



You can purchase them here! Let's create something fun with them?