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Embroidery Night Collection


I'm very excited to announce my new fabric collection! This one got a lot of inspiration from when I was just a kid and loved to hang out with my grandma while she was embroidering and sewing! We would spend hours and hours making pretty and colourful cross-stich flowers, sitting by her rose garden most of the time, which probably is the reason why I'm obsessed with flowers! I just realized that now! 

Anyways, here are some of the very special samples from 20 years ago I found inside my grandma's drawer. 







And more flowers...



And just recently I received a package from my husband's grandma with all different colors of embroidery threads - I was already very happy about that alone - but inside that package, there was an amazing Hungarian drawing on a canvas for me to embroider, she was too tired to work on it still. Oh man! That inspired me so much that I just knew: I had to make a print that would make people want to embroider, but that could also be a finished fabric for that little dress.  And this is what came up: 

The Embroidery Night Collection is all about those nights when you need some rest and relaxation. The fun part is: anyone can do it! (Believe me! It's not hard at all and I made a tutorial about it that will prove my point! Click here to check it out!)

Like all of my other fabrics I always envision the final product to be a little girl's dress - as you already know! - but I think this is probably the sweetest one for that use.



Actually, I sent this to the wonderful and extremely talented Jill (@kneesocksandgoldilocks) - by the way, you gotta check her out on Instagram, I'm a huge fan of her work! - and she obviously made it look even prettier!



These guys are all available on Spoonflower, and you can purchase them in canvas to embroider on, or in any other fabric if you are willing to make your own garments.







Now, just to add some fun to this collection, and to honor my husband's grandma Lily, I made a pattern carrying her name!



How adorable will these ones be on a dress too?







That's all for now, guys! I hope you like them and get inspired to make aaaaall those projects that are hanging over you for ages! Let's do it! 

Please, feel free to tag @dreamingwithisa on Instagram!