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Hi, I’m Isabella and I’m the one behind Dreaming.

I was born and raised in Petropolis, a city just outside of Rio de Janeiro. My parents are wonderful, thoughtful people who raised my big sister and I with strong values. Their number one priority was to give us the best education so we could make a difference in the world. But one thing really stuck with me while growing up: even though they had financial difficulties and never had much free time, they always found a way to help others.

We are in this together!

When I started Dreaming I had that thought in my mind; I wanted to help. I knew that there would be no purpose in doing anything if I wasn’t helping to improve the lives of people in need. As a result of the pandemic, this idea became stronger. Generosity and solidarity are the two things that we need right now, and this was always Dreaming’s dream.

So, I want to thank you for your purchase and tell you that 10% of the proceeds will be donated to support families in the slums in Brazil. Soon you will be able to learn more about the people that will get much needed help because of you.

We are in this together. Obrigada!