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Shipping and Delivery

Please read carefully before placing your order

  • Where do you ship to?

    As of now, I offer shipping to costumers in Canada, USA and the Emirates.

    I've also started offering shipping to Europe (although it's a bit expensive, so I suggest getting several friends and family to order together with you to spread the shipping cost over more items).

    If you are outside of Canada, USA or Europe, and would like to place an order, please contact me directly by email at, making sure to include a note about which items you'd like to order, and your shipping address. Then I'll prepare a custom shipping quote for your order.

  • Where do you ship from, and what carrier do you use?

    I ship from Toronto, and I use Canada Post (including Expedited, XpressPost and Priority options).

  • How long do you take to send out my order once I've made my purchase?

    I try to send out orders within a few days of purchase. Sometimes I get a bit behind because it's a lot for me to handle by myself (designing, cutting, sewing, finishing, packing, labeling, organizing, posting to Instagram, updating the website... and the list goes on!), but if and when I'm back-logged, I always notify my customers ahead of time that the items they're ordering will take a few extra days. And once in a while I offer a pre-order for some upcoming items, in which case I always specify when those orders will be sent out.

  • How do I qualify for the FREE Expedited shipping with tracking?

    If you're in Canada or USA, and you spend $120 or more in your order, then you'll qualify for the 'Expedited shipping with tracking' method (it'll automatically show up for you at checkout).

    If you're in Europe or overseas, then unfortunately this promo will not apply to your order.

  • Can I track my order once it's sent out?

    In most cases, yes! The majority of the shipping methods I offer come with tracking service (and insurance too!), and any methods that don't offer tracking will clearly state that they don't. But in general, I would suggest to select a tracked shipping method.

    For all tracked orders, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking info once it's shipped.

    If you've chosen the uninsured shipping method with no tracking, then you'll have to wait patiently for your order to arrive. Sometimes the postal service is on track and delivering regular mail items quickly, while other times they are back-logged and it can take some time for your regular mail item to arrive. If timing is an issue, make sure to select one of the expedited shipping methods with tracking during checkout.

  • I selected the 'Uninsured, No Tracking - Regular Mail' Shipping Method. Is there still some way to track my order?

    As the title of that shipping method suggests, there is no way to track an order shipped with this method.

    I make sure to mark and photograph every outgoing order so that I can have a record of every package that's been sent, and so that I always have a way to show customers that I did in fact ship their orders. But once any order is shipped with the 'Uninsured, No Tracking' shipping method, then there is no way to find out where it is and when it will arrive.

    This is why I've made the tracked and insured shipping options available, and I urge all of my customers to select those tracked options.

  • Once my order is shipped, how long will it take to arrive?


    Expedited Parcel: 1-7 business days

    XpressPost: 1-3 business days

    Priority: 1-3 business days

    Uninsured, No Tracking, Regular Mail: Depends on postal service load, likely 3-7 business days, but can vary and can experience delays


    Tracked Packet USA: 4-7 business days

    Expedited Parcel USA: 4-7 business days

  • I ordered a while ago and still haven't received it. What should I do?

    Very sorry to hear that! Sometimes it's just a matter of delays with the postal service. These days especially, the postal system is experiencing rolling back-logs, and is sometimes on track and other times very behind. That being said, you can generally just track your order and find out exactly where and when it was last scanned.

    If you chose the uninsured shipping method with no tracking service, then it's a more difficult question to answer. But the short answer is that once I ship the order using this method, the title and responsibility passes to the customer. I make sure to mark and photograph every outgoing order so that I can have a record of every package that's been sent, but sometimes things go wrong in the postal system and packages don't make it to their destinations. There are 3 scenarios in which this can happen:

    1. The package had some sort of issue and was returned to sender (in which case I will re-pack it and send it out again).

    2. There was an error in the address that the customer provided in their order, and as a result, it was likely delivered to someone else (in which case you'll understandably need to place your order again with the correct address information).

    3. It got lost in the postal system and nobody knows why, since the address was in fact correct (in which case you'll need to wait it out and hope that the postal service ends up finding and delivering your package).

    In order to avoid any delivery issues, I strongly suggest to all of my customers to select a tracked and insured shipping method during checkout. If your shipment gets lost, I unfortunately can not take on the responsibility of sending out a replacement. Remember, I'm a small artisan business and I run it myself, so it just wouldn't be practical or even feasible. This is why I've made the tracked and insured shipping options available.

  • Can I pick up my order in person?

    You certainly can... as long as you're in Toronto! Just select 'in-person pickup' at checkout, and you'll get instructions on how to pick up your order from Padaria Toronto located at 5 Manor Road in Midtown near Yonge and Davisville.

  • I live in the USA, will I have to pay import duties on my order?

    In most cases, no, you won't have to pay import duties. But sometimes you might, and that is up to your local postal representatives to decide. I ship all order from Toronto, Canada, and once in a while customers in the USA do in fact have to pay some duties upon delivery, especially on orders with a very high total value.

  • On an unrelated note... do you take custom orders?

    Why, yes! I love taking custom orders!!! In fact, I do custom pieces for clients all the time, ranging from masks, dresses and aprons to fanny packs, bonnets, picnic blankets and plant pot wraps.

    If there's something your heart desires, then I'll work with you to dream it up and make it real :) Just remember, custom orders take a bit more time and cost a bit more, but they are well worth it.