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If you live in Toronto, you can choose to pick up your order at Padaria Toronto at 5 Manor Road - Yonge and Davisville! :)


Improvement All Around :)

The Dream Fit is more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, stays in place while you're talking, contours to all face shapes and has fewer stitches overall, offering better protection. It also has adjustable round elastics: ear fit or head fit (buy head elastics separately), so you get the absolute perfect and personalized fit.


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I work in retail and it's difficult because I need a comfortable face mask that I could wear everyday for my 8-hour shift. The new Dream Fit is very comfortable and it was perfect to use for the whole shift!

Sheila R. - Scarborough

The Dream Fit truly is the best mask I've bought... and I've bought a lot! It's so hard finding something that's comfortable.

Shelley M. - St. Catherines

Isa truly defines what customer service is! I shared her artistry with friends and family and did so with pleasure.

Melissa C. - Montreal

I wore the Maritaca to work for 8.5 hours straight and truly was a dream. Best fabric mask I wore during the pandemic!

Danielle G. - Toronto

I received my mask today! Just beautiful! Incredible workmanship!

Paola E. - Vaughan

I love the one I ordered so much I need another one. It's super comfortable and I don't overheat which is a first!

Allison M. - Toronto

My mask arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so, so happy! I didn't know it was possible for a face mask to be flattering, but Isa has done it! It's so comfortable and fits perfectly with my glasses. I've told a few friends about the Dreaming masks, because I'm so thrilled. Thank you for making something that is so beautiful, and that brings me some joy during such scary times! I'll definitely be ordering from Dreaming again :)

Robyn C. - Toronto

I was 1st drawn into Dreaming with Isa's Instagram page by the amazing colourful pictures and beautiful prints! I've ordered and will order her masks because not only do they look stunning, but they fit perfectly wash after wash. Isa is an exquisitely talented artisan who provides thoughtful and personalized service to her customers.

Melissa C. - Montreal

@dreamingwithisa on Instagram

Ethical Production

Creating economic opportunities for women is one of my main goals. I work with amazing and talented ladies, and it is very important to me that they are happy with what they are doing and that they can comfortably provide for themselves and their families. I value transparency in my work, and I take a stand against an industry that masks grave human rights injustices under layers of corporate speak and marketing, in order to produce cheaply-made, yet overpriced, fashion that has no concern for the people who actually make the product.

Your Purchase has Power

By purchasing with Dreaming you are also helping some very much in-need communities in my home country of Brazil. You can read more about the charitable projects I'm supporting in the "Let's do Some Good!" section.

Artisan Made

These are, by definition, artisanal products in the truest sense of the word. Each piece is carefully and meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail, from the initial conception of a piece to wrapping it for a customer. This is the opposite of mass-production and commodity. It's an exploration of what it means to go back to a time when people simply cared more deeply about the quality, longevity, impact and charm of the products they made and bought.